Vocatum is an ordinary people’s gym whose membership always includes the services of a Personal Trainer. Trustmary provided Vocatum with a customer testimonial video and three articles. The aim of the materials was to present the services of the gym through genuine customer testimonials.

Vocatum’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for the client to train, while helping the community towards better fitness. The company currently has gyms in three different locations: Oulu, Kempele and Pirkkala.

– We wanted to introduce our services through customer testimonials. Our service package is so special that it is difficult to write it in the text itself, says Jyrki Kolmonen, Vocatum’s Marketing Director.

“The most important thing for us was that our customers could tell themselves what Vocatum means to them, how they feel about us and how they benefit from our services,” continues Kolmonen.

Fast and easy process

Kolmonen who had made videos by himself also was convinced by the ease of the Trustmary service. The process required him, just to get things started. From then on, Trustmary took care of the implementation of the materials from start to finish. Customer interviews were conducted at Pirkkala Gym at a pre-arranged time.

– I had seen materials made by Trustmary before and they were clean looking and well described. It convinced us pretty well, says Kolmonen.

– The process went really fast after we made the purchase decision. Communication was good all the time and I always got the information I needed, he says.

Genuine delight

According to Kolmonen, he has been satisfied with the testimonial provided and produced by Trustmary. There are also tangible benefits from the finished materials. Kolmonen was especially pleased with the authenticity of the customers.

– When I got the finished set, I got the feeling that Wau! This is exactly what we want. Here are all the elements we strive to offer and they have been highlighted in the interviews very well, smiles Kolmonen.

– The best feedback about the materials is what a customers told us when he joined. He said he wanted to become a customer because we seem to be having such a great time here. At that point, I noticed that the materials were actually viewed and that the customer testimonial were actually very useful, emphasizes Kolmonen.