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Who We Are

Trustmary was founded on the vision of trust as the most essential asset in business. As consumers, we make decisions every day: when booking a hotel, choosing a restaurant, buying a new product or choosing a partner to work on our business goals with.

In the world of countless options and unlimited information, we look up to our peers to make a choice. We look for reviews, recommendations and other people’s experiences to succeed as decision-makers.

Trustmary tells the stories of ordinary people. The stories that your prospective clients crave for, rely on and trust. The stories that help your company to stand out in today’s flooded marketing landscape.

We started as a Finnish start up in 2016. Today, we have offices in Finland, Sweden and the USA, employ over 50 talents and work with more than 900 companies. Our global network of professional videographers is ready for action in North America, Australia and Europe.

Our Core Values


We are who we are. We gain trust with honesty, transparency and authenticity.


We do what we promise. We take care of ourselves, our clients and our colleagues.


Our goal is to be better today than we were yesterday, and become even better tomorrow. There is always room for improvement.


Johannes Karjula
CEO, Trustmary Group

[email protected]
044 0265 165

Valtteri Ylimäki
CFO, Trustmary Group

[email protected]
045 649 5588

Santtu Seppänen
VP Sales

[email protected]
050 464 9918

Anu Varila
Customer success Manager

[email protected]
040 7792 327

Arttu Haho
CEO, Trustmary USA Inc.

[email protected]
(919) 522-6846

Product Team

Teppo Kallio
Lead Developer

Elias Luttinen
Senior Full Stack Developer

Antti Kaikkonen
Full Stack Developer

Santeri Sahi
Technical Support Trainee

Aleksi Halsas
Product Owner

Customer success

Tytti Sandström
Customer Success Specialist

[email protected]
010 5816 780

Laura Partanen
Customer Success Specialist

[email protected]
010 5816 780

Petteri Puumala
Onboarding specialist

[email protected]


Hannes Paaso
Senior Sales Manager

[email protected]
050 4623 833

Aki Hokkanen
Sales Lead

[email protected]
050 5128 335

Sari-Anne Joensuu
Sales Manager

[email protected]
050 472 6053

Aki Honkala
Head of BDR

[email protected]
050 4709 663

Pasi Isomäki
Customer Acquisition Lead

[email protected]
050 432 1746

Saila Salpakoski
Sales Manager

[email protected]


Kristiina Tunturi
Business Development Representative

[email protected]

Iiro Panula
Nordic Sales Lead

[email protected]
050 433 0242

Konsta Kaskismaa
Sales Manager

[email protected]

Content production

Emma Kautto
Content Producer

Jarmo Ahonen
Video Producer

Erica Ojala
Production Director

[email protected]
050 4108 775



Chief Happiness Officer