Get feedback and more reviews!

Develop and grow your business with feedback and reviews. With Trustmary you can gather feedback from your customers, get more reviews and convert more sales in minutes.

Over 1 000 customers, over 10 000 reviews, over 2500 premium videos

"Trustmary has made videos for us in the USA and Canada, and on the European side in Austria, Italy and the Nordic countries. Soon videos will possibly be made in other countries as well."

Kirsti Laasio


"I would absolutely recommend this to any company that has both the product and a service component to it."

Bjorn Freudenthal

Puustelli USA

"We loved working on this project with trustmary! Our first client testimonial was a big step in our client listening program and our overall client experience design and you all played an integral part! Thank you for making it so easy!"

Brandi Hobbs

Poyner Spruill LLP

With Trustmary you can

1) Measure NPS and collect customer feedback

Collect NPS and customer feedback automatically from the entire customer journey.

2) Get more reviews while you collect feedback

Get more video and text reviews while you also collect feedback.

3) Manage reviews and publish them immediately to your website

Use our embedding tool to automate publish of reviews to your website.

4) Help reviews spread in social media

Use our social media sharing tools to share and get people to share reviews in social media.

5) Order premium video testimonials

Order high-quality video testimonials from the reviews you want with one click in Europe and North America.

6) Automate everything

Automate the measurement of customer experience, collecting reviews and their usage in marketing.

90% of customers base their purchasing decisions on peer review.

Collect customer reviews with an online survey and identify customer who are willing to publicly recommend you, while you also gather data about your whole customer base. Use the email and SMS tool in the app to direct your customers to the survey.

Using Trustmary is worth it

Reviews move automatically from your surveys to your website.

The fastest way to gather customer feedback and to get more reviews - start using it in 5 minutes.

Use the collected customer reviews in your marketing and sales.

Boost sales effectiveness: Get more sales meetings and increase sales hit rate with customers reviews

Track your customer satisfaction with NPS and improve customer experience based on the collected data.

Order high-quality video testimonials from the customers you want: in Europe and the US.

Create a survey to collect feedback and reviews.

Send the survey directly from the platform or automate the submission using the survey link.

Analyze the results from your dashboard and automatically publish reviews on your website.

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