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Quickly growing businesses use Trustmary to gather video and written testimonials, highlight them on their website and generate more leads.  Try Trustmary to find your best testimonials and measure how well they generate more leads!

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Features that help you grow faster

1- Measuring NPS/CSAT and gathering feedback

Trustmary offers you a unique survey system that helps you get insights from your customers with various methods.

2- Turn feedback
into testimonials

Many companies have a lot of happy customers but are unable to communicate it in a credible way.

Trustmary helps companies find the hidden social proof they have in their customer base and website users.

3- Make your website more effective

Publish testimonials on your website in video and written format and convert more leads. Use the user-generated content also in your social media and PPC to drive more traffic.

4- Automate everything and follow results from dashboard

Optimize results with in-app a/b testing and automate the whole process from the 1st step.

Has been proven to work for companies that have happy customers and want more leads from their website!

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This Is Why 1000S Of
Customers Love Trustmary

Wellness Tools Group

Conversion Rate Increase From 7,36% To 9,03% For Product Page Viewers Spending More Than 5 Secs On Page.

“The Results Of The Test Were Pleasing And Also Really Significant From A Business Point Of View. A 22.6% Increase In The Conversion Rate Means That Our Annual Sales Will Grow By Tens Of Thousands Of Euros”, CEO Ala-Lahti Sums Up His Experience.

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