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Automatically gather Facebook reviews from your clients and enjoy the following advantages.

Establish Trust and Credibility

93% of clients review feedback before purchasing. Positive Facebook reviews enhance your business’s credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

Boost Online Presence

Businesses with Facebook reviews are more likely to get found by customers who search for businesses on Facebook. The reviews are also visible in Google searches under your page link.

Draw More Clients

Over 70% of customers ignore reviews older than one month. Always having fresh Facebook reviews secures your credibility in potential customers’ eyes.

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Get Facebook reviews

How to Ask for Facebook Reviews in Three Simple Steps

Requesting Facebook reviews from a large number of customers is swift and effortless with Trustmary.

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1. Get A Review Form

Select a review request form from Trustmary’s template gallery. Your brand colors and logo are automatically integrated into the form.

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2. Add Facebook Review Link

Include your Facebook page link in the thank you page.

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3. Send to Customers

Forward the review request to your clients at an optimal time through email, QR code, or website embeds.

That’s it, all done!

Don’t forget to respond to the Facebook reviews you receive and include them on your website.

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Get Facebook reviews

Why Opt for Trustmary for More Facebook Reviews?

Trustmary offers a comprehensive solution for your review marketing strategy.

Don’t just collect Facebook reviews. Incorporate them into your website and enhance your website’s performance!

1. Get Reviews

Solicit Facebook reviews from your satisfied clients using Trustmary’s user-friendly review request forms.

2. Integrate into Website

You can automatically import Facebook reviews written by your clients onto your website. Display reviews using chic and customizable widgets.

3. Reviews That Matter

With Trustmary, you utilize not just any reviews, but ones that truly make a difference. Trustmary’s AI ensures you showcase your finest reviews.

All of this can be done automatically – don’t spend another minute on manual review requests!

Get Facebook reviews

Here’s what customers say about Trustmary


The most effective way to get reviews for your Facebook page is to ask your clients personally. That is easily done with Trustmary’s review request forms. Just copy the review request link from Facebook, and add it to the survey. Next, distribute the survey to clients and wait for responses!

You can ask for reviews in a Facebook post, but it’s not as effective as sending an email review request. Asking for reviews via email is more personal, and your customers will more likely leave recommendations when they feel like you are personally asking them.

Check that users are allowed to leave recommendations on your page. Go to your Business page’s settings, click Edit page, and make sure that your Reviews tab is activated. Also, notice that at the moment, users can only leave Recommendations, not reviews with a star rating.

To allow people to leave reviews (or recommendations), open your Business page’s settings, click Edit page, find the “Tabs” section, and toggle on “Use default tabs”. Scroll down to “Add a tab” and add a Reviews tab.

You can find the Facebook review link from your Business page’s settings. Click Edit page, find the tab called Reviews, and look for the shareable link.

You can simply copy the review link from your Facebook Business page settings, and send it to your customers using Trustmary’s review request form.

Facebook reviews are important because today’s customers rarely engage with businesses that have no reviews. In fact, one third of Facebook users use the platform to find reviews and recommendations for businesses. Recommendations show your potential customers that you are a legit business that offers something valuable.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer a star-review feature anymore. Users can only leave Recommendations, which are essentially text comments explaining why they recommend the business. The recommendations can also include images. However, if you have old star reviews on your Facebook page, they are still visible. You just can’t collect new ones.

It’s best to have as many authentic Facebook recommendations as possible. The more you have them, the more likely you are to get found by new clients.

You can import your existing Facebook reviews and use them on your website. The easiest way to do it is to use Trustmary. We offer the fastest onboarding on the market, and you can get your Facebook reviews on your website in just a minute.

You can get Facebook reviews on your Wix website by creating a free Facebook review widget for Wix.

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