Video Testimonial Service – Available in US and Europe

We help companies transform their happy customers to high-converting video testimonials that has been proven to boost sales. Available all over USA and Europe.

Over 1 000 customers, over 2500 video testimonials.

"Trustmary has made videos for us in the USA and Canada, and on the European side in Austria, Italy and the Nordic countries. Soon videos will possibly be made in other countries as well."

Kirsti Laasio


"I would absolutely recommend this to any company that has both the product and a service component to it."

Bjorn Freudenthal

Puustelli USA

"We loved working on this project with trustmary! Our first client testimonial was a big step in our client listening program and our overall client experience design and you all played an integral part! Thank you for making it so easy!"

Brandi Hobbs

Poyner Spruill LLP

Easy process - Just 30 minute Kick-off meeting and we take care of the rest!

1. Kick-off meeting

In Kick-off meeting we go trough your wants and needs for the video and it takes just 30 minutes of your time

2. Scheduling the interviews

Based on the Kick-off interview we schedule the interviews with the customers for the video

3. Interviews and shootings

We execute the interviews and shoot the material for the video

4. Editing

We edit the video based on your wants and needs

5. Approvals and marketing permits from interviewee

We take care of approvals and marketing permits from the interviewee

6. Delivery of finished materials

We deliver the finished material to you

7. Support and training

Our customer success team helps you get the most out of the material

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Testimonials of Trustmary

Why Customer Testimonial videos?

In customer testimonial video a happy customer shares his experiences about the product in his own words. The effectiveness of customer testimonial videos has been proven many times in research but the mechanism is not completely clear.

There is certain elements of social proof it brings into table that definitely play a part in it, that have been studied as early as 1951 by the likes of Solomon Asch.

But a big part of the effectiveness are also the words the customer uses to describe the benefits he has received from using the product and service. As the customer usually speaks in words that other potential customers in the market really understand, it is quite rare that the Customer tesmonial video, would be completely off the mark.

If you talk about research related to customer testimonial videos, there is a lot of studies and data over the years. Starting from as fundamental findings as figuring out that if there is two products, usually the customer chooses the one with more testimonials and reviews. To more specific findings of 92% b2b decision makers being more likely to buy after seeing a testimonial.

Even tough there is a lot of research to go trough if you really want to get a good grasp on the effectiveness of customer testimonial videos, one thing that all the research literature and data supports is the fact that customer testimonial work as a positive signal towards a purchase.

And on a related note everyone probably already knows that video is the format everyone really wants to see more of.