Suomen Vesiturva carries out a variety of work related to home technology, such as sewer and hot water repairs. They have purchased video and text testimonial from Trustmary, a company specializing in customer testimonials, which is actively used as marketing material in customer encounters.

In the traditional sales situation of Suomen Vesiturva, the customer has been told about the product or service using notepads and folders. Extra time is spent working through brochures.

– I find it much more effective to show a customer a two minute video of our satisfied customer. The video briefly describes the service we have received and whether we are truly satisfied, says Sami Kemell, Installation Manager for Suomen Vesiturva.

– I think the product is absolutely superior in the construction industry for example, and I think quite a few companies might need such a service. Trustmary does not put words in customers’ mouths, but tells their story honestly.

Significant added value in sales

There were other alternatives to creating videos and texts, but Trustmary stood out from the marketing and advertising agencies with a very simplified process and professionalism.

– All I needed to do was give our customer’s phone number to Trustmary and within a few days the videos were in my email. The videos showed that the customers were genuinely satisfied with the service they received from us. We have no other options when making such reports, ”says Kemell.

Kemell says the materials obtained are of good quality and clear. Nowadays it is easy to show how the Suomen Vesiturva works and how the customers have experienced the service they have received. Feedback from employees has also been positive.

– If a picture is a thousand words, a video is a whole story. Things have to be kept simple, and with these videos, you can do it. Our employees have said they have gained significant added value in sales situations from these, ”says Kemell.

“Try it at least once”

Kemell has been particularly pleased with the quality of the materials and the ease of the process. He would highly recommend the services of Trustmary to other companies.

– I would like to stress strongly that you should try it once.