Kuopion Putki & Säätö Oy had dreamed of producing a video about the company’s operations for some time. Trustmary implemented a customer testimonial for Kuopio Putki & Säätö, where a customer who has already completed a contract tells about his experiences. The Kuopion Putki & Säätö has made extensive use of the ready-made video and text material with good results.

Kuopion Putki & Säätö is a Kuopio-based HVAC company with a long history, which dates back to the early 1970s. The company’s services cover a wide range of HVAC work from maintenance and repair to property automation and contracting. One company to provide everything you need.

– I came to the Kuopio Pipeline & Säätö through the F.E.C. training of Digital Customer Relationship Manager at Aalto University. In the course of the training, it became very clear that videos are what are rolling in marketing. The most surprising thing was that more YouTube searches were done than Google searches. People are looking for people, says Nina Rahunen, Marketing Secretary at Kuopio Putki & Säädö.

– Ever since I came to this house, we had a dream that we, too, would start making corporate videos. We looked at the market and then Linda from Trustmary called me. We started to plan what kind of video we want, Rahunen remembers.

“Everything went as easy as it could go”

The aim was to create a customer testimonial about a B2B customer. It was decided to interview a customer for the video and also to write a text article based on the interview. Rauhanen provided Trustmary with customer contact information, after which Trustmary was responsible for contacting, scheduling and implementing everything.

– Everything went as easy as it could go. We did a little mapping of customer relationships and after that we didn’t really have to do anything. We got the package ready for approval, and we didn’t even have to ask for changes, everything went in one go, Rahunen says.

– The delivery time was really fast to me and the schedules kept up. It is of paramount importance to my work that we find partners that I do not have to be constantly asking about where we are going and what is going on. I always got information about how the project is progressing, ”Rahunen says.

Customer testimonial arouses interest

Kuopion Putki & Säätö has made extensive use of customer testimonial in various channels. A customized customer testimonial page was created on the company’s website, where the video and text were published. Since then, Rahunen has been tracking analytics for website traffic.

– I’ve watched analytics in Google Analytics. The Customer Testimonial page, where the video and article are, is the only page with a bounce rate of 0, Rahunen sums it up.

– Every time a customer has gone there and looked at the page, he has continued to browse our other pages to see what the company is and what services he has to offer. This is definitely the best benefit, Rahunen sums up.

“We were met by lovely, happy and knowledgeable people”

Rahunen describes Trustmary as an innovative and knowledgeable business. He is particularly pleased with the ease of the process. Kuopion Putki & Säätö wants to carry out similar campaigns in the future.

– I met lovely, happy and knowledgeable people. All the time there was a homely feeling and a warm atmosphere. I am very pleased that doing business was so easy, Rahunen says.