Destia Oy has been cooperating with Trustmary for about a year. The infrastructure and construction company believes in the power of stories, and in 2018, Destia will get a new employee testimonial every month. Stories have been successfully utilized in both external and internal communications.

Destia wants to highlight the people behind the projects in its communications, thus humanizing its operations. According to Johanna Otranen, Communications Manager at Destia, the employee testimonials produced by Trustmary highlight the employees of Destia in their own right.

– The first video I ordered was really good. The whole concept has been refined to be truly diamond-like, says Otranen.

Feedback has been positive

– In the early stages of the cooperation, discussions were held on how the Destia brand should be reflected in the testimonials. Since then, cooperation has been easy. Trustmary employees have made our employees liberate. The stories highlight Destia’s values, says Otranen.

Destia uses employee testimonials in both external and internal communications. Through employee testimonials, employees get to know each other better, and in external communications, for example, employee testimonials broaden the image of Destia.

– The feedback on the employee testimonials has been really positive. Within the industry, it is generally quoted that Destia has actively started communicating through people. Recruitment rates have also risen sharply. Telling people about the company clearly bites people, Otranen says.

Seeing the end result is touching

Otranen describes communication with Trustmary as easy and fast. She says she can warmly recommend Trustmary’s services.

– We in the communications team always watch new videos together. I wouldn’t lie at all if I say that the team has had a few people almost crying many times when it’s been so touching to watch ready-made videos that show pride in being part of Destia, Otranen mentions.