Ahola is an importer of Casio cash registers with an extensive dealer network. To support the work of retailers, Ahola has done a total of three different customer testimonial videos with Trustmary.

Ahola is based in Helsinki and currently employs a total of seven people. A network of over 20 dealers covers all major cities in Finland, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.

“We have been an Casio importer since 1994. In fact, we are currently their oldest importer in Europe,” says CEO Jari Ahola.

The videos support retailer marketing

The production of customer testimonial videos was initiated by a contact from Trustmary salesperson.

– I don’t remember the name of the guy who called me, but he was really active. He came to visit us here, told about the products and introduced different options. I have to say that I liked it at first sight because it was something new we had never tried before, Ahola recalls.

In the end, Ahola ended up ordering a total of three different customer testimonial videos. The aim was to make the videos primarily available to dealers to support marketing.

– We do our best for our dealers to make their business easier. Videos are one such great support for promoting marketing in each dealer’s area, Ahola emphasizes.

The production process was really easy

According to Ahola, producing customer testimonial videos was very easy. He believes that utilizing the customer testimonial in marketing is a good idea for any service company.

– This worked really well. It did not take much time from us, in practice we just gave the contact information of three customers and the paid the invoice. Everything else was taken care of by Trustmary, Ahola describes.

– I do not see any reason why such a company could not in principle be used by any company. This is suitable for anyone who serves customers in one way or another, Ahola sums up.