Testimonials to website automatically

Updating website is often time-consuming, especially if you are regularly getting new content. You don’t have to do it all by hand. With Trustmary’s embedding tool, you can automatically publish your testimonials on your website. This will keep the testimonials on your website always up to date.

Automate the usage of testimonials

Automatically update featured testimonials on your website

Add the embed code to your website and the latest testimonials will be automatically updated on your website after your moderation.

Moderate recommendations directly on our app

You can moderate the testimonials and determine which recommendations you want to publish on your web pages directly in our tool – without touching the code on your website at all.

Personalize the look of testimonials on your website to fit your brand

You can also personalize the way the testimonials show up on your website by using our embedding tool.

Create a survey to collect feedback and testimonials.

Send the survey directly from the platform or use the survey link in your own process to automate regular feedback collection.

Analyze the results from your dashboard and automatically publish testimonials on your website.

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