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How does it work?

Trustmary’s feedback collection process helps you find your satisfied customers and turn your feedback into public reviews and testimonials that generate more sales for your business.

Convert Automatically

Automate the survey sending to your customers and ensure that you have a continuous flow of feedback coming in. You can use conditions to choose the customers you want to feedback ask from. At the same time, you can make sure that you have permission to publish the content you get.

When you ask for feedback and convert it into a review, you get more authentic feedback and reviews than just asking for a public review.

Text and Video Reviews

During the feedback process, customers will give their consent for you to use their feedback as public reviews and testimonials. You can enable video reviews for your surveys, meaning that the customer will be asked for an optional video review after leaving a public text review.

Import Reviews from Google and Facebook

You can connect your Google Business and Facebook accounts and retrieve your reviews from the platforms to Trustmary. Once done, the reviews will be automatically retrieved every day. You can utilize the reviews the same way as any other feedback stored in Trustmary’s software.

Request Google Reviews

When you ask for feedback from your customers, you can use Trustmary’s platform to direct your satisfied customers to leave a Google review as well.

Unique survey formula that increases response rates

Over 86% of people that open the surveys made with Trustmary answer
the surveys. And out of the answers 21% leave a public review
for the company they are giving feedback to, if asked.

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This Is Why 1000S Of
Customers Love Trustmary

Wellness Tools Group

Conversion Rate Increase From 7,36% To 9,03% For Product Page Viewers Spending More Than 5 Secs On Page, by using reviews gathered with Trustmary at the same time as measuring NPS and gathering feedback.

“The Results Of The Test Were Pleasing And Also Really Significant From A Business Point Of View. A 22.6% Increase In The Conversion Rate Means That Our Annual Sales Will Grow By Tens Of Thousands Of Euros”, CEO Ala-Lahti Sums Up His Experience.

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