Collect video testimonials

Producing video testimonials of your existing customers can be challenging and cost thousands of euros. However, you can collect video testimonials from your customers quickly and cost-effectively with Trustmary’s tool for collecting video testimonials.

Video comments from your customers for your marketing needs

Collect video testimonials in just 5 minutes

Upload your customer list into Trustmary, send a survey and get video testimonials.

Automate the collection of video testimonials

Make video testimonial production a part of your business processes and get new video recommendations constantly in a fully automated way

Automate video testimonial marketing

Embed video testimonials to your website by using our embedding tool and enjoy the automated updates of any new video testimonials directly to your website.

Create a survey to collect feedback and testimonials.

Send the survey directly from the platform or use the survey link in your own process to automate regular feedback collection.

Analyze the results from your dashboard and automatically publish testimonials on your website.

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