Why and How to Use Testimonials in Home Improvement Industry

Are you leveraging the most powerful marketing message there is – the experiences of your already satisfied customers?

Home improvement industry is worth billions of dollars. The competition is fierce and it’s hard to really stand out in the crowd. How can you assure your potential customers, that you are the one they should trust the future of their home to?

Puustelli USA in Minneapolis decided to do it with authentic customer testimonials. Below, you can see Bjorn Freudenthall telling how they have used the testimonials, what kind of results the videos have generated and how it was like to work with us.

“We have actually done nine of these client testimonials. We use them in our showroom, on the website, at trade shows and consumer shows – everywhere we have the opportunity to display them. People want to hear from people, and when they hear an experience coming from a real client, that’s a different proposition, than an ad.”

-Bjorn Freudenthal, Puustelli USA

Puustelli USA Testimonial Videos

“White Dream”

Baron – Puustelli USA
“Scandinavian kitchen design, coupled with moderate space plan changes, are a game changer for this vintage Mid-Century Modern Edina rambler.”

“Live life in color”

Berg – Puustelli USA
“An example of a Puustelli USA and homeowner DIY partnership project. In addition to installing Puustelli USA kitchen solutions and cabinetry, the homeowner opened up their dining area for an open-floor concept alongside their kitchen.”

“California kitchen”

Maija Lahdesmaki – Puustelli USA
“Although I had seen everything in my mind before, first time I came here I was blown away and amazed, how beautiful it actually is.”

“Naturally light”

Van Dyke Huber – Puustelli USA
“We started with a shoe cabinet, and instead they ended up doing the cabinet, mudroom, dining room, kitchen and the family room. So in the end they redid the entire house”

“Architect’s Kitchen Remodel”

Bryan and Scott – Puustelli USA
“Built in the 1920s, this Bungalow-style home was due for an updated kitchen. The architect client wanted to emphasize function and challenge the American convention of “standard” appliances. Detail items like 1920s-era-inspired ceiling paper and a handy cabinet dish rack provide character and add unique finishing touches.”

“Kitchen Renovation Giveaway”

Werler’s – Puustelli USA
“Mid-century modern meets Scandinavian design.”

“Remodelers Showcase Home”

Oszustowicz Project – Puustelli USA
“A classic Edina two-story home underwent a complete reconfiguration to include a Scandinavian gourmet kitchen that opens up to the dining room.”

“1950s Split-Level Rambler”

Hanson Project – Puustelli USA
“This family found their almost perfect home. The 1950s split-entry rambler – that once had been a model home – had promise, but was clearly tired.”

The most effective way to make use of your customers’ experiences is to let them talk about how it was to work with you.

When you get your customers to talk on your behalf, they start selling on your behalf. This is exactly what Puustelli USA pursued and accomplished.

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