Video And
Text Reviews
More Sales

Measure NPS And
Find Satisfied Customers

Find what your customers think of you and automate NPS measurement for your business.

  • NPS surveys
    Measure NPS from your customers easily with Email, SMS, Shareable link, QR code or embed.
  • Get feedback from your customers
    Gather feedback from your customers to understand how you are doing.
  • Analyze the customer feedback
    Develop your business by analyzing the customer feedback and NPS in different customer segments
NPS And <br>Feedback

Video And
Text Reviews

Turn happy customers to powerful reviews. Find your happy customers and get video and text reviews from them that help you convert more.

  • Text reviews
    Gather text reviews from your happy customers while you also get important feedback from your customers
  • Video reviews
    Get video reviews that really make a difference in your marketing from your happy customers
  • Find the best reviews with testing
    Find the reviews that work best in your marketing by testing different reviews on your site.
Video And <br>Text Reviews

More Sales

Convert more sales using social proof. Use the social proof gathered from your happy customers to your advantage.

  • Social proof popups
    Leverage social proof from your customers on your website.
  • Inpage social proof widget
    Increase conversion rates with inpage social proof widgets
  • A/B test everything
    Test different forms of social proof and different reviews against each other to really find out what makes a difference for you
Convert <br>More Sales

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