HappyOrNot is known for its emoticons and the service behind them, which can look at customer and employee satisfaction. Trustmary has produced videos for HappyOrNot in several countries. According to HappyOrNot’s Marketing and Development Director Kirsti Laasio, the partner has survived very challenging situations.

Laasio tells us that customer experience videos are useful especially at the commercial stage. Bringing reference videos to customers who are considering purchasing HappyOrNot’s products and services makes them convinced.

– Trustmary has made videos for us in the USA and Canada, and on the European side in Austria, Italy and the Nordic countries. Soon videos will possibly be made in other countries as well.

Overcoming challenges strengthened our trust

– Trustmary is easy to approach and is easy to deal with. Our needs for videos may be quite fast, and they are not in Finland” says Laasio.

During the cooperation, we have also faced challenging situations. When Experimenting with HappyOrNot’s shooting assignment in the USA, the production group was robbed of shooting equipment and the material described. Many hours of video material was lost and production had to start from the beginning.

– Even though the situation was challenging, it was handled in the direction of us and our customers so well that no one was left with a toothache. Coping with the challenging situation confirmed the belief that good will come from this.

“They are easy to approach and flexible and fast. This is the easiest way for the customer to approach it. ”

According to Laasio, Trustmary has managed relationships with HappyOrNot’s customers as HappyOrNot would have done. He describes communication with the company as flexible and humane.

– I would recommend Trustmary. They are easy to approach and flexible and fast.