TSR-Tukku is a company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of lighting and electrification products for construction sites. TSR-Tukku is heading for the international market and as a result the company needed new sales materials. With this in mind, TSR-Tukku ordered a total of five video-text combination customer testimonials from Trustmary with great results.

TSR-Tukku had been discussing customer testimonials for a year, so contact from Trustmary came at a good timing. The professionalism of the videos convinced me, and cooperation was agreed upon at the first joint meeting.

– They knew how to sell their product correctly, and we ordered a package of five videos at once. Of course, they also included written testimonials, says Mikael Niittymäki, who is responsible for international sales and domestic distribution at TSR-Tukku.

An important aid to internationalization

The whole project took about two months. After each interview, it took about a week for the materials to be ready and ready for use. TSR-Tukku has used videos especially in foreign sales, where they have been of great help. As a result, the materials were also subtitled in English.

– Especially for a company that has already started or is about to start exporting, it is a great help to be able to show the customer testimonials that the company already has, Niittymäki ponders.

“I am very pleased to recommend this service to others”

The ease, quality and authenticity of the service provided by Trustmary are especially praised. According to Niittymäki, customer testimonials are essentially different from traditional ads.

– The ads are usually scripted and not genuine. Customer testimonials like these on the other hand cannot be scripted because opinions come directly from customers.

– The service has been easy, hassle-free and very cost-effective. The materials are clearly made by professionals, so you can show them to customers. I am very pleased to recommend the service to others as well: of course it is worth trying, says Niittymäki.