The men’s clothing store Herrainpukimo receives a lot of good feedback from its customers. The customer satisfaction encountered in everyday life as well as the experience of a typical customer wanted to be seen and heard by more people. For this Trustmary produced a customer testimonial video for Herrainpukimo.

Ab Suomen Herrainpukimo Oy is a men’s clothing store established in 2011 and operating in Turku. In addition to the store operations in Turku, Herrainpukimo organizes custom-made events around Finland, thus serving its customers nationwide.

– Herrainpukimo makes bespoke clothing and sells other gentleman’s supplies, says entrepreneur Tuukka Simonen.

The concept convinced

The idea to create a customer testimonial video came from customer feedback from Herrainpukimo. Simonen was convinced of Trustmary’s complete concept. He felt that he could get the quickest and easiest result he wanted.

– We get a lot of feedback from our customers that this is working and that what they are getting is insanely great. They feel a bit like James Bond, Simonen smiles.

– We wanted more people to hear what kind of feelings our customer service and the whole process leave to customers, Simonen continues.

True result, as told by the customer

On the customer testimonial video a typical customer of Herrainpukimo was highlighted, so that he could provide a comprehensive experience of different clothing and services. Trustmary was responsible for scheduling and conducting the interview and editing the video.

– I was left with the feeling that the client – who I was at this point – was really well taken into account at every step of the way. The process was one where the entrepreneur can also learn from his own activities. It shows that the process is really well thought out, Simonen describes.

– I rarely come across a concept that is so well thought out. It is designed so that the customer is at the center and respected. The end result is one in which the interviewee is allowed to tell things directly as he or she has experienced them, Simone sums up.

High expectations were met

Herrainpukimo has been using video testimonial, among other things, in a Facebook campaign, which quickly gained tens of thousands of views. Simonen believes that the video will be of great benefit to the Herrainpukimo. The expectations for the video were high, and according to Simonen, they were also fulfilled.

– It was interesting to see in the video the enthusiasm and customer satisfaction we have seen in our everyday work with clients, says Simonen.