LähiTapiola Savo is aware that today’s potential customers are interested in the experiences of other customers, which is why the company ordered a video and text testimonial from Trustmary. The material has been useful both internally and externally.

LähiTapiola Savo offers its clients non-life and life insurance as well as investment and savings services. Instead of being a traditional insurance company, the company wants to profile itself as a life insurance company that is involved in the customer’s life before the accident occurs. This is why the need for customer testimonials arose.

– We are interested in our customer experience. We want to know how they feel about our work. Nowadays we use print and a lot of social media in our marketing, says Kaisa Kajan, Marketing Assistant at LähiTapiola Savo.

– Through the material, we gained an authentic testimonial of how we have succeeded in being a life security company. Before our video, we had noticed that other companies in Kuopio had also worked with Trustmary, adds Jani Kaarivaara, Business Director of LähiTapiola Savo.

The operating model and professionalism convinced me

Customer journey started when Trustmary sales contacted LähiTapiola Savo.

– Supply and need met. The seller was active and calling at the right time. There was even contact afterwards, and the salesperson made sure we made the most of the material in our various channels, ”says Jani.

Both Jani and Kaisa emphasize the ease and fluidity of the project. They describe the activities of Trustmary as innovative, word-of-mouth, cost-effective, flexible and prompt.

– Trustmary is a wonderful partner in the sense that the package is so comprehensive. The planning started together, and they immediately caught up with our idea. We were well on the map as things progressed. The customer testimonial was packed in an instant, even though we didn’t have a tight schedule for it, Kaisa thanks.

Quality and versatility

LähiTapiola Savo appreciates the fact that Trustmary’s promises regarding the quality of the material and its potential for use both internally and externally were met.

– The systematicity of Trustmary as a partner convinced me. The way the customer testimonial material is made and the outcome is that it benefits us, Jani sums it up.

The finished material was first distributed internally. Staff received feedback on their work, and some salespeople and customer service staff use the material in customer meetings. According to Jan, the customer testimonial has increased sales and customer loyalty. In social media, the customer testimonial serves as a support for other marketing, and with the video, the company has gained a lot of visibility.

– The project has been interesting in terms of communication and marketing. Statistics prove that the customer testimonial is good, and the text is read to the end. The customer testimonial supports other marketing channels and pushes our message forward. Testimonials are important for companies, as feedback can also develop themselves. After all, it’s nice if the customers like it, Kaisa smiles.

– I see no obstacle to further cooperation with Trustmary. In connection with this project, we also got tips from them for further development and new perspectives, Kaisa plans.