Pohjolan LVIturva offers plumbing repair services for houses. The company employs about 150 people and operates almost all over Finland. LVIturva has a lot of satisfied customers and they wanted to report on them. Specializing in customer testimonial videos and texts, Trustmary produces content to support LVIturva’s marketing on a monthly basis.

Advertising agencies were not keen to make customer testimonials for LVIturva, so Trustmary came into the picture.

– We get all the services under one roof. We chose Trustmary because they have the expertise. From Trustmary you can see that when you specialize in something, you know how to do it better than others, says Juhana Kilpeläinen, founder of LVIturva.

The collaboration began with the production of three pilot testimonial videos. LVIturva wanted to test if cooperation was a good thing.

– After three videos, we found it to be great. We decided that all of our customers who want to share their experiences can do so. We are currently doing several testimonials every month, ”says Kilpeläinen.

Identification surface for customers

LVIturva had previously made reference reports, but they had experienced them as time-consuming entities. Now, they’ve found that customer testimonials make a big impact when it comes to buying customers.

– The videos and texts made by Trustmary are great and of high quality. For the first time, our staff were excited about this kind of material, and now they are shown to our customers at every encounter. We also use testimonials as exhibition materials, Kilpeläinen reveals.

– Customer testimonials has come alongside traditional advertising, but today, testimonials are by far our most popular material. Our customers are interested if someone in the same life situation has done a renovation. It’s easy to identify with it, and many times the biggest factor in a customer’s purchasing decision is when, for example, a neighbor makes the renovation first, he continues.

“Professional pride shines through”

– The company has an understanding of what customers think. They know how to pay attention to the right things and ask the right questions, Kilpeläinen praises.

– Trustmary is doing great business and we want to be involved. The organization is youthful and professional pride shines through; they see that mediocrity is not enough, but they want to do well, he concludes.