ExpressionMed helps diabetic people with tapes for their blood sugar-level measuring devices. We produced 2 different videos from happy customers of ExpressionMed for them to use in their marketing.

Video 1 Kendall Simmons:

Video 2 Katie O’Malley:

And it turns out the authentic words of happy customers are really effective, as the CEO of ExpressionMed Meghan Sharkus put it:

“In just 5 months this video is already performing twice as well as nything we’ve ever created.” (referring to the Katie O’Malley video)

When we take a closer look at the sales that the video has helped ExpressionMed make with Facebook ads we can see that the video has produced over 850 sales trough Facebook.

ExpressionMed is a good example of a company we really love to work with. Amazing product and amazing service, which results in happy customers, which we can then highlight with our expertise.

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