Jykes Kiinteistöt leases office, warehouse and production space and builds various office spaces according to the wishes of its clients. The company got involved without hesitation when Trustmary, a company producing customer testimonial videos and articles, offered the opportunity to collaborate.

Jykes Real Estate made two different videos with Trustmary. One interviewed the tenant and the other was a corporate customer who used the office and accommodation services of Jykes Real Estate.

– I immediately felt that this company leaves nothing halfway and that the quality is good. Afterwards, I went to see the videos they produced and became more convinced that it was worth a try. The focus on quality and diligence was visible from the beginning, says Minna Helsingius, Marketing and Communications Manager at Jykes Real Estate.

“More natural, higher quality and more well-groomed”

The cooperation got off to a good start and the timetable for implementation was known at the very first meeting. In addition to two videos, Jykes Real Estate also ordered text articles from the interviews.

– Above all I remembered the unusual ease. Less often, this kind of material is available as easily and with such a small contribution. Perhaps I was expecting us to be asked what we wanted to ask, but not. After all, this is how it is supposed to go. Now we had the feeling that our customers answered the questions with complete sincerity and honesty, ”says Helsingius.

– We have used various advertising agencies to help with our marketing, and I would say that Trustmary’s product is more natural, better quality and more well-groomed, he continues.

More credible marketing material than usual

Minna says she feels it is easy for her as a marketing executive to produce different kinds of material, but that it may lack some credibility from the end-customer perspective.

– When our customers tell us about the good service they have received, their credibility is at a much higher level than if I were to write updates on our website, for example, says Helsingius.