Social media is one of the fasting growing global sectors. The total number of social media users worldwide is expected to surpass 3.02 billion by 2021.

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As a marketer and business owner, it means a lot to you because social media provides you with an additional channel to reach your target audience. It is a single channel that has done wonders for businesses and startups.

Single Grain, for instance, helped Harris Teeters boost post engagement by a whopping 400% and a single coupon campaign on social media drove 25K+ conversions.

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Content is the key to social media success. The right content at the right time on the right social network is what your brand needs. It is a fact that businesses and marketers struggle to create and publish the right content on social media that will actually drive results.

If you don’t know how to create content for social media that that drive results, this the post for you. Keep reading…

Understanding What Type of Content Works on Social Media

Before you can start creating content for social media, it is essential to understand what type of content works best on different social networks.

The best content form that works on all the leading social networks is none other than video content. According to HubSpot, 45% of people watch more than an hour of video content per day. Tweets with videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted. It is expected that as much as 82% of all web traffic will be video-driven by 2020.

Nothing beats video content when it comes to social media marketing.

Visual content is the next big thing on social media. As much as 32% of marketers rate visual content as the most important content type for their business. Facebook posts with images receive 2.3x more engagement than posts without an image and tweets with an image get 150% more retweets than tweets without an image.

Videos and images aren’t the only content types that work on social media, here is a list of other crucial content forms for social media:

  1. User generate content
  2. Interactive content
  3. EBooks
  4. Podcasts

Needless to say, the primary content type on any social media is text, images, and videos. Other content types are related to these three primary content types.

How to Create Awesome Content for Social Media

So how you can create killer video and image content for social media that will drive results? There are several ways to create quality content for social media which are discussed below.

1. Create New Content

Nothing beats original and unique social media content. You can create new and fresh content for social media from scratch.

Of course, this gets expensive depending on your publishing schedule. For instance, if you publish 3+ posts on Facebook a day, it will mean you’ll have to create 3 unique posts every single day. This will get a bit pricey.

But it pays off at the end of the day.

You can create new and fresh content for social media in different ways.

  1. Share content from your blog on social media. Whenever you publish a new blog post, share it on social networks. You don’t have to create new photos instead you can use the existing post images.
  2. Create new content from scratch for social networks. For instance, you can create a new video for Facebook or you can create a new image using Canva or any other tool specifically for social media.
  3. Cross-publish from other social networking accounts. If, for instance, you have published an image on Instagram that isn’t posted on other social networks, you can post it on other networks too. Over time, you’ll find a lot of such content that was solely posted on a single social platform. You can publish it on other networks as new content.

2. Content Repurposing

This is the easiest way to create content for social media that will drive results. Content repurposing refers to recycling existing content by converting it into other forms and then redistributing it.

For instance, you can create several small tweets from a single blog post. You can convert a blog post into a PDF. You can convert a blog post into PPT and publish it on SlideShare.

And so on.

You don’t have to create new content when repurposing content rather you reuse existing content. This makes it a cost-effective technique for creating content for social media.

Here are a few leading ways to create new content for social media through content repurposing:

  1. Use text from existing blog posts and convert them into an image using Canva or Pablo. This is the easiest way to create unlimited image posts for social networks. You can create an image with a few mouse clicks from any text using Pablo.
  2. You can convert a blog post into a video and publish it on Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. A tool like Lumen5 can help you create video from any URL in no time. You can do it manually using Windows Movie Maker.
  3. Convert an infographic into small standalone images and post them on social media. A single infographic can provide you with more than 5 individual social media images.
  4. You can convert quotes and statistics into images and graphics. You’ll find quite a few quotes, statistics, and other facts in blog posts. Use them smartly by converting them into social media posts

3. Content Curation

You can always curate content and publish other people’s content on your social networks. This is an absolutely free way to create content for social media.

Content curation has several benefits:

  1. You create new connections
  2. It improves your brand’s credibility
  3. You understand what type of content other people are producing

There aren’t any hard and fast rules for content curation. All you have to do is publish the best content on a specific topic on your social media accounts be it images, videos, or text.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of content out there on the internet and on social media. You should so better than what everyone else is doing to stand out from the crowd.

Be different. Don’t follow the crowd.

Publish content that matters, is helpful, and informative. This is the only rule that will make people fell in love with you and your brand.